Guide to the Exhibit

“With a naturalist’s insatiable curiosity and an intimacy that comes only from prolonged and meticulous observation, Lisa Ortiz guides us through a world that seems at first exotic but which we ultimately recognize as the only world: our own.”— Chase Twichell


“A splendid debut.”  —Thomas Lux

Guide to the Exhibit is now available!

Celebrating the book and Perugia Press in Massachusetts November 10-15!

“As Lisa Allen Ortiz moves through The Natural History Museum, she discovers there a museum of her life, of all our lives, the remnants and reflections of what we have saved and what we cannot save. Her beautifully crafted language connects us to the elemental, as in this description of a hummingbird—carbon tenderness,/caught shimmer. Through the careful, precise observation of individuality, she reveals universal truths. In “Microfossil Exhibit”—she compares herself to these tiny creatures—such small wanting—and finds our commonality, in what is, perhaps, our deepest need, to be handled, seen, and noted. Ortiz’s devotion to exploring exactly this need makes Guide to the Exhibit so rich.” — Ellen Bass


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